I’ve been listening to this file almost every day for a couple weeks now, and I must say, this is probably the best recording I’ve heard over the years. Almost every time I listened, I could not recall any details from a few minutes in until the count-up. Once, I thought I was ‘awake’ through the whole thing, but found I still couldn’t remember anything after the file ended.

Already, I’ve acquired the rest of Her recordings, and have given myself a regimen of listening to each file as regularly as possible (once or twice per day) for two weeks prior to advancing to the next file. Tomorrow I will start listening to ‘Come To Me Slave – Part 2.’

I’ve absolutely no idea what these files contain as far as PHS, triggers, etc… but the simple fact is that I will obey without hesitation, without question, without doubt.

EDIT: One little point to add – I hope & dream about the day Mistress Zaida consents to exercise Her power of me and all Her devoted followers in ‘live’ sessions.


Superb product, enticing, extremely powerful trance… I’m lovin t. I really liked the feeling of waking up with a smile. But after four times still I can’t recall anything more about it.


I’ll try to not repeat what others have already said here or in the forum (, so I’ll just start by saying that this is really, really high quality hypnosis. You won’t believe it especially if you know that Come To Me 1 is Mistress Zaida’s very first recording. So let’s talk about quality. Production: Well thats no $10 usb headset, that’s for sure… She clearly used professional equipment, because I can’t believe you would get this result with just filters. You will also enjoy some cool music and great ambiance. I suspect she composed those herself, and I loved what I would call “Overture MZ”. You’ll understand when you get that file Cheesy Although it seems not everyone liked it (like Noone for example). Voice: Don’t expect that phone-sex type of voice in Come To Me 1. Instead, Mistress Zaida went for the true “hypnovoice” that is sexy but hypnotic first and foremost. A very nice surprise, although there is a clue to her style to be found on her profile. Content: That’s the most difficult thing to talk about because I got Come To Me 1 “second version” with amnesia suggestions added. But that’s also how I know how powerful her hypnosis is because I don’t know about you, but total hypnotic amnesia never really worked on me. Well, Mistress Zaida made it work somehow and I can’t remember actual data about the session. When I try, it just slips away. The only way for me to remember a few things seems to be to not try and wait for things to pop up in my mind… A really strange experience, especially when you wake up feeling wonderful and confused at the same time. And that’s how I know I went deep, and even now as I write this I still feel great about the whole session, and I just want to listen to it again (maybe I’ll remember more stuff next time) and continue to Come To Her for more hypnosis.


Mistress Zaida placed the warning label right in front of my eyes when I totally disregarded it: THIS FILE CAUSES PERMANENT ADDICTION TO MY HYPNOTIC CONTROL. Sigh.

Come to Me is a hit of audio crack. A penetrating beat, a penetrating voice – Mistress Zaida’s highly erotic words embed themselves in your head as she conditions your mind and body to respond to her. Clever hypnotic traps plant themselves over and over and over again. I find myself looking excitedly to the time when I can listen to her euphoric masterpiece once again… right after I’ve just listened. Her skill is frightening. Buyer beware if you are susceptible to erotic, hypnotic control. I fear Mistress Zaida will own you.


I was browsing around here at Inraptured and I came across quite a beautiful new (new to me anyway) hypnotist, Mistress Zaida. The descriptions for her audio recordings were quite alluring, and very indicative of her style. Her style is slow, soothing, sensual and smooth. It is a voice that lulls you while wearing you down relentlessly. You won’t find any finger-snapping or quick counts, but you won’t miss them either. Slow and steady wins the race as they say, and it is especially true here.

The recording “Come to Me” is quite a piece of work that will introduce you to her style while addicting you, brainwashing you and conditioning you to respond to a variety of triggers. In fact if I remember correctly (and I promise you nothing in this regard), there are no less than 4 triggers implanted. One would think that this might make things a bit too busy, but they are all easy to follow and they are repeated constantly in background tracks. This ensures that the triggers are really drilled in and working. Usually it takes a few listens for me to really respond to one trigger, much less 4. I can tell you I had no problems experienceing their full force right off the bat. Oh yea, there is some crystal swinging in front of beautiful cleavage, but I don’t want to spoil any more for you. Let’s just say, if you are not a fan of that then there is really no hope for you. 🙂


Wow, so many possible recruits for the Zaidan Nation Army… Mistress Zaida is certainly having an effect on us! 😀

After I first listened to the sample, I was like “Okay, I’ll buy this and listen to it, and if I don’t like it, it didn’t cost me much”. After the first time listening to the full file, all I could think about is listening to it again. Normally after buying a file, I’d listen to it a few times and (sometimes) don’t listen to it again. With this file, it’s been different. Except for one day this week, I’ve listened to it once a day for nearly two weeks now and I’ll continue to listen to it every day, even after buying another file (in fact, I can’t decide which one to get next! I’m looking at “Come To Me 2” and “Repeat After Me” as my next purchase. Nice quandary to have, eh?).

I do like the “bug zapper” effect that comes just before Mistress Zaida starts speaking… probably because it’s a metaphor for what happens to your mind as Mistress Zaida’s triggers sink into your subconscious just waiting to be activated! 😀


Mistress Zaida seems to be enjoying a very successful debut, here! I’ve only listened to this first file so far, but I can confidently say that success is well-earned.

One more review, just because I want to talk about it – this is an excellent dominant hypnosis file. It has been effecting me more strongly than any hypnosis has before, and it’s a very, very professional piece of work. I’d strongly recommend giving this a go to any submissive type who would like to be somewhat brainwashed, gently controlled and very enamoured!

Stage Hand

A very well written review Noone, thoughtful, and informative. Several people have commented here and I don’t know that I have anything remarkable to add that hasn’t already been said. I do agree with most of the comments, except for the “CTM 73” thing and taking a bus? That went zooming by right over my head. Maybe I need more sleep or something 😉

I do feel Mistress Zaida did an exceptional job with this recording both in production and content, as well as hypnotic effect, is rather powerful. I enjoyed the experience. 🙂

Dr. X

Just came upon Mistress Zaida on YouTube last night and the sample was so good I had to rush right out and purchase this recording. While I don’t tend to go as deep as a lot of subjects, I did find the recording very relaxing, and most interestingly, I pretty much couldn’t stop myself from immediately purchasing Part 2 and listening to it after I was done (which, of course, is exactly what I was told to do). That was pretty intense, and it’s a great recording. Luckily, I don’t feel like I must purchase the rest of her MP3s this moment that way because I’d hate to burn through them all so quickly, but I do look forward to continuing my training.

I highly recommend this to anyone who’s on the fence, because she pretty much delivers everything she promises and then some!