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Come To Me

This amazing file is now FREE - simply click on the link to download it!

FREE FILE : Come To Me

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Come To Me 2
Even as you read these words you are realizing that you are compelled to take another step into my control, surrendering your Orgasmic response to me. Try and resist, finding yourself taking this step now, deeper, and deeper...

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Corrective Therapy
You need to learn how recognize and respond to a womans authority.

Mistress Zaida's authority...

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Mistress Zaida's Robot
FOLLOW. ACCEPT. OBEY. You are my obedient robot. Your programming is auto-updating every time I release a new file for you. You are permanently connected to Mistress Zaida...

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Repeat After Me
Say "Mistress Zaida controls my Orgasm"... You will say and do exactly what I tell you. You have no choice. Find yourself repeating your mantras all day until you can get home and surrender to me again...

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Yes, Mistress Zaida
This class is to teach you obedience. You are on best behaviour for me. You are listening very carefully and following all of my instructions. When I give you a command, you say, "Yes, Mistress Zaida"...

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