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June 26, 2013

Are you as funny as me? :D

Hello my sexy hypnofans!

So You Think You’re Funny?

Recently I was watching some youtube vids about what I prefer to call ‘Spontaneous Orgasm Syndrome’ (it’s actually called ‘Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder – crap name eh? I mean what’s better, ‘PGAD’, or ‘SOS’?!! Help! I’m coming! 😀 )

Now, I know it’s a serious condition and not very pleasant for the sufferers. But I couldn’t help laughing a lot, I mean, come on 😀 So I decided to do another comedy vid, in a similar vein as the Mistress Zooda one I did.

It’s going to be a parody of an SOS video, which will basically involve me having orgasms in lots of silly or amusing situations.


Win A Personalized File!

If you can think of something funny to put in the video, if you’ve got some comedy gold for me, then send me over your ideas (to my normal email address). Include the word ‘comedy’ in the subject heading, so it’s easy for me to find your email!

Best/funniest idea (as judged by me) will win a personalized copy of Yes Mistress Zaida 2!


Did You Get Your New Video?

A massive thank-you to everyone who bought the new video (LoveSpell 4). That really cheered me up a lot to see that people were interested in it. It’s had a lot of great feedback already – definitely the best video I’ve made so far!

If you haven’t got the video yet, I suggest you go and get it now! It’s worth every penny/cent/rouble/breadcrumb etc!

You can get your new video here:

Did you buy me big-heap computer parts (you know who you are), but didn’t receive a link for the video yet?

Email me if so and I’ll send you a link.


Write A Review For Me!

It would really please me – a lot – to have a few reviews of the new video. Even if it’s only a couple of sentences, it helps people to decide if they want to buy the video.

If you’d like to please me by leaving a review of the video, post your review as a comment on Youtube, on the sample of the actual video. Here’s the link for you:

If you want to post the review anywhere else as well, you can just copy-and-paste it from there!

Lots of love, your Mistress Zaida

2 responses to “Are you as funny as me? :D”

  1. Justin says:

    Hello Mistress,

    Your files are wonderful! I just sent you a gift voucher from uk for some videos. Please let me know if you received the voucher.

    Your voice inside my mind is all that I can think about. It’s so perfect.


  2. Surfer says:

    Hello my perfect mistress ,

    As i am still a new follower I feel already the change in me….changing my background on tablet your sounds in my phone …your commando’s in my head …i feel wonderfull and happy to be yours. Thank you for every time you made me feel so wonderful 🙂
    I am going to mail you if it is ok for you to make some personal files .

    Much love

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