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August 5, 2012

Earth to Mistress Zaida

Hello my sexy hypnofans!

How are you? I hope you’re doing well!

An update for you:


Apparently, there’s this thing called ‘real-life’. It’s not pleasant. It’s behind the curtain, all bright, loud, and people want things from you. I actually have to do stuff like leaving the house and talking to people. It’s not pretty 😉

So, I had/have a bit less time for emails, so please bear with me, replies might be a bit sporadic. I’m doing my best! I never (okay, rarely) deliberately ignore anyone. You know me, I’m pretty down-to-earth (considering I am all the All Powerful Hypnodomme Goddess Highest Exalted Empress And Ruler Of The Multiverse Mistress Zaida) 😀

Water for Africa

I consider myself quite a lucky person – even when things aren’t necessarily going great. As long as I can pay my rent and put food on my table, I’m good. But get this – there are people in Africa who don’t even have clean drinking water. They have to drink out of muddy puddles or lick the morning dew from small rodents.

When I heard about that, naturally, I said “Well, let them drink Gin.” 😉

But apparently, THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE GIN!?!!

I know, I know. CRAZY!! 😀

So – it’s time to do something to good to help out.

I have started a GoFundMe page. The goal is: to raise £3,000. What will that do? Raising the £3,000 will be enough to completely fund a new water project in Africa. The project will build a well/pump, supplying around 250 people – that’s right – PEOPLE, just like you and me, with hopes, dreams, fears, and loves – people who are thirsty.

They have to walk miles every day, on blistered soles, just to get water to drink (they have no shoes either). Building them a well would mean their lives are greatly improved.

So what do you have to do?

Donate. It doesn’t even matter how much, anything you can afford would be great.

Incentive – sexiest Mistress Zaida photos EVER. When you go and donate, drop me an email and I’ll send you a link to a couple of the sexiest photos I have ever done. It’s not much, but hopefully it’s a little incentive which will encourage you to donate to the fund. The photos are exclusive – I will not be posting these anywhere else.

So what happens when we reach the £3,000? When we get there, I will be passing the donation onto the water charity. Approximately 18 months later, the water project will be completed, and we will get photos of the new well, along with GPS co-ordinates.

When we get those, I will be posting that information on my website so you can all see what your donations went towards. One day, I’d like to visit that place in Africa and see the well with my own eyes. See the difference our help made. I’ll be bringing my own Gin though. Not drinking that nasty well-water 😀

Join me. Let’s change the world…

To donate – click this link:

To receive your sexy photos, email me with details of the name/email you donated with and I’ll send you a link!

Please donate – it’s a very good cause. I don’t know about you, but in my life I don’t get that many opportunities to do good deeds, so when I see one I like to take it. I genuinely believe in Karma and all that jazz, you’ll get back what you give out ten times over.

So – anyone who wants to tribute me, please donate instead! They need water more than I need Gin (apparently).

Please note – ignore the name on the top of the GoFundMe page. I’m still not able to use a PayPal account because of my ‘erotic history’ with them, so I’ve had to borrow a friends PP account to take the donations. It is me! (recognize that sexy photo?) 😀

Help me with SEO

I’d like help with SEO. When you type certain keywords into search engines, I’d like my website to come out at the top of the page, or at least on the first page of results.

Also, the same on Youtube – I’d like my vids to appear on the first page of search results when certain keywords are entered.

If you can make that happen – put me there and keep me there – then in return, I’ll give you this. Every file I’ve ever made so far, audio and video. Also, every file I release in future, personalized with your name for your erotic enjoyment. Serve me, and get personalized files for life. It makes sense.

Please, only respond to this if you really can make that happen – I can probably only do this for a couple of people at the most – and I’d have to see results before I start giving files out.

Zaida Project Finished – BUT: Get Personalized Files – $80 A Pop

For various reasons, I had to stop the Zaida Project! Thanks to everyone who was on it, keep listening to your subliminals and you’ll still get the benefits.

Anyone on the Project who paid and didn’t receive all three files – Matrix 1, Matrix 2, Corrective 2 – please let me know and I’ll make good. I’m pretty sure that everyone did but there’s a lot to organize so I might have missed someone.

I’m still willing to personalize files for anyone who wants me to. I’m only asking $80 for each file, less than the $100 for the Project, and as I’m releasing less than a file a month, it works out better for you if you still want customized files.

If you do want me to customize files, send me an email. Don’t pay any money for customs through my shop – I have an alternative payment system in place.

I’m still running my ‘Any 4 files (not personalized ones!) for $100’ deal – if you’d like to take advantage of this great offer, email me with details of which files you’d like and I’ll send you the links.

Upcoming New Files

You’ve probably noticed new material hasn’t exactly been forthcoming. I do have a few things in the pipeline:

Yes Mistress Zaida 2

Repeat After Me Video

A ‘Tribute Me’ MP3

Those three are probably next, more to come after that at some stage. The script for the tribute file is really, really good. I’m probably going to hold off on releasing that one for a little while though – like I said above, if you want to tribute me at the moment, please donate to the Water Project instead. Once you’ve donated to the Water Project, you can go back to tributing me as per normal 😀

The Matrix Emails

I haven’t sent any Matrix emails yet – I do have a few good ideas for email suggestions. Part of the reason is that I’ve only got about ten names on my list of emails!

If you’ve bought Matrix 1 and 2, and you do want to receive the Matrix emails (it WILL happen at some point – please be patient if you’ve already asked me to be added to the list) – then please: let me know that you want to be added to the list. What I don’t want is to send the emails then have to go back and resend some to people who forgot to ask to be added to the list!

Okay, I think that pretty much covers everything. Be good, and remember: you must obey me. It’s completely inevitable 😉

Love, your Mistress Zaida

PS That donation link again in case you didn’t see it 😀

PPS Buy more files from me etc etc, business has been a bit slow recently! Many thanks! x

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  1. Matthew says:

    Hi mistress zaida I would like your videos infact I always watch them
    And I was wandering if you could hypnotize me
    And I would like that
    Yours sincerely

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