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May 24, 2012

Help me build my Ultimate PC!

Calling all generous hypnofans and self-confessed computer-geeks!

I would really like a new PC so I can edit video (maybe even do some 3D videos one day) properly and without having to stop for a cup of tea every time I apply an effect to a clip. The ‘abacus’ that has the audacity to call itself ‘my current PC’ is seriously getting on my wick.

I put an uber-PC on my wishlist but it was probably too much to ask that one single person bought it. So, I decided to have a go at building my own PC from bits, which I’ve been told isn’t that hard.

So I decided to make you this generous offer. There are three essential ‘big bits’ of hardware on my wishlist (the processor, and the thing you apparently need to plug the processor into, and another long thingy which apparently is good for graphics etc).

EDIT – make that four things now. Let’s lump together that case, RAM, and CPU Cooler thingy as one ‘thing’. Then it adds up nicely so all four ‘things’ are very roughly the same value.

So these are the four things:

1) The CPU
2) The motherboard
3) The graphics card
4) The case, RAM and cooler

If you’re feeling kind enough to gift me one of those four lovely things, in return I will lovingly personalize every single file I release for you – EVER (starting from the next file -probably Corrective Therapy 2). If you decide to take me up on this offer quickly I’ll probably even go back and personalize Matrix 1 and 2 for you as well as an extra-big thank you.

So, consider it a gift, consider it a clever investment, consider it a prize: because in six to eight months you’ll have earned back the value of the item in personalized files – and you’ll still have UNLIMITED personalized files to come!

That sounds pretty good to me. How about to you?

So there are basically four ‘prize-places’ available!

If I get bought all four, I’ll probably buy the rest of the bits I need myself. If anyone can recommend some good other bits I’ll need, let me know. Bear in mind that if I get loads of people recommending items to me I might not be able to reply to everyone. Thank you in advance for any help! I have a great soundcard already so no soundcard recommends please!

If you do see the sense in this offer, you can afford to send me one of those four things, and you want personalized files for life – then here’s the link for my wishlist:

Thank you so much!

Love, your Mistress Zaida

PS – If you want to be the ultimate best-ever please me slave, you can even go one better, and send me Amazon vouchers for the equivalent value of the bit you want to buy me – and I will buy it from the wishlist myself. The reason being, I can then use the invoice to offset the cost against my tax-bill for the year as the computer will be used for ‘business’ (the business of making all your cocks grow hard for me :D) In which case I will definitely personalize Matrix 1 and 2 for you as well. But either way is fine 😉

One response to “Help me build my Ultimate PC!”

  1. TJ says:

    You with a super computer would likely equal a world entering a cloud of eternal addiction to you as you use that instrument to finalize your development into the ultimate and unstoppable cyber narcotic!


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