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September 6, 2012

Most erotic file?

Hi sexy people!

Hope you’re good!

Firstly the usual apology – I’m working my way through my inbox trying to clear it. If you’re waiting on a reply please be really patient (really, really patient, even to the point of actually having to wait until the end of time for a reply :D)

Secondly, thank you to everyone who donated to the Water Project! IF YOU DONATED AND DIDN’T GET YOUR REWARD PHOTOS THEN GIVE ME A NUDGE!

You can still donate – I’m thinking about doing a second big push for donations in about a months time. I’ll probably offer a second reward for everyone who donates more than once. If you’ve already donated more than once, you’ll still get the extra reward!

I’ll keep the rest short and sweet this time:

New file! Yes, Mistress Zaida 2

It’s good, very very erotic, and features cum-on-my-commands, and no count-up at the end, so you can just drift off into a relaxing sleep.

You can go here to buy the new file:

Hope you enjoy!

Love, your Mistress Zaida

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